Preschool Child

Clinical Questions
When you assess a preschool child, you first want to answer
the question, “Is this child stuttering, or is he normally
disfluent?” In the process of trying to answer this, I have
found that certain other information is critical: What are
the amounts and types of disfluency this child shows in
various situations? What kinds of risk factors for stuttering
does the child have? Is the child reacting to his speech with
frustration, fear, or other emotions? This information will
also help you determine the developmental/treatment level
of the child’s disfluency. To respond to the family’s needs
and to involve them fully in planning treatment, you need
to know the answers to questions like: What are the family’s
concerns about the child and his stuttering, as well as
their preferences, expectations, and availability for treatment?
Once you have gathered this information, you will
need to decide among options for the child and family- no
treatment, watchful waiting, parent-delivered treatment, or
clinic-based treatment. You will also want to decide if the
child is within the normal range for language, articulation,
and voice. Finally, you should determine if a referral to
another professional (e.g., a family counselor or a learning
specialist) is warranted.

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